Equipment Check


Bathing Suit: Swimmers MAY NOT wear their team suits to practice, as they will wear out more quickly.  They must have separate practice suits.

Swim Cap: Each swimmer will receive one official Stingrays cap per season.  Caps are not required, but we recommend them for swimmers with long hair during practice and strongly recommend all swimmers wear caps at meets.  Swimmers with long hair MUST wear their hair up in a ponytail, braid, or other style during practice if they choose not to wear a cap.  Loose hair can be problematic during practice and can prevent kids from breathing correctly during the strokes.

Goggles: All swimmers must have goggles!  We recommend having an extra pair or two in your swimmer’s bag at all times.  Swimmers should try to fit them in the store before purchasing.  If you have any questions concerning brands or styles, please ask the coaches or other experienced swimmers.


Water Bottle: Leaving practice to use the water fountain multiple times during practice can be disruptive to both the swimmer’s training as well as their teammates'.  Please keep a reusable water bottle (or two) in your swimmer’s bag and encourage your swimmer to fill it up before practice.



Uniforms: Each swimmer needs their Stingrays cap, team suit, goggles, and team t-shirt.  Flip flops, multiple towels, and a bathrobe or sweats are also recommended.  Remember, although spectators may be uncomfortably warm, wet swimmers may be uncomfortably cold, so pack accordingly.

Additional Items: Space is usually fairly limited at swim meets, so we ask parents to pack accordingly and not add too many extra things. Books, cards, coloring books, and small craft projects are great ways to keep swimmers entertained while they wait for their races. 

Food: Every swimmer should have a healthy breakfast the day of a swim meet. Snacks like granola bars, fruit, and vegetables are great, but please leave sweets at home. Plenty of water is highly encouraged.