Mission Statement

The Stingrays coaches are committed to teaching high-level swimming in a team environment.  Our swimmers will not only develop a healthy attitude towards sportsmanship and competition, but will also learn through hard work and dedication that all swimmers can experience improvement.  As a result, each swimmer will develop positive self-esteem that will help them in and out of the pool.


We are a recreational swim team whose focus is on self-improvement and fun.  We have three seasons throughout the year: a 6-month competitive winter season, an 8-week spring practice period, and a 6-week competitive summer season.  Swimmers do not have to participate in all three seasons to be part of the program.  We do not hold tryouts as we feel it is against our philosophy of "everyone swims."  Instead we maintain a rolling wait-list from season to season.


Combined, the coaches bring over 30 years of experience to this team.  Our goals include working with swimmers to improve their stroke technique, build endurance, and increase competitive swimming skills.  For many swimmers, this will build on years of practice, but for others it will be a new experience.  We will do our best to instruct in an encouraging and upbeat way to create an environment where all swimmers feel safe and welcome.  We expect our swimmers to show respect to both their coaches and teammates, thus creating a positive atmosphere for all team members.  We pride ourselves, as a team, on showing good sportsmanship towards opposing teams during all competitions.  All of our swimmers have the ability to learn new things and improve on what they already know.  We guarantee that with some hard work and dedication, each swimmer will notice a significant improvement throughout the season.

Competitive Philosophy

As participants on the Longfellow Stingrays Swim team- coaches, swimmers, and parents- we agree with and support the following tenants of competitive swimming:


  • To ensure the participation of all team swimmers.  It is more important that all swimmers participate and have fun, not that a few good swimmers dominate the action

  • To develop further fundamental skills and teach good physical fitness habits

  • To keep winning in perspective

  • To help swimmers set and evaluate individual goals

  • To encourage a lifetime involvement in sports and physical activity

  • To promote and teach the elements of fair play


Furthermore, we acknowledge and support these expectations:

As Coaches

  • To teach the fundamental skills of competitive swimming

  • To develop team concepts

  • To promote and teach the values of fair play

  • To encourage all team members to participate and enjoy the sport

  • To follow the rules and policies of the Longfellow Stingrays


As Swimmers

  • To follow the rules and polices of the Longfellow Stingrays

  • To respect other team members and competitors as well as their property and facilities

  • To respect and support the decisions of the coaches

  • To communicate with their coaches when there is a concern


As Parents

  • To follow the rules and polices of the Longfellow Stingrays

  • To give positive support and encouragement toward their child’s participation

  • To agree that the instruction of the swimmers is the coaches’ responsibility

  • To respect other team members and competitors as well as their property and facilities